The Story of Save the Date

Emily and her gay BFF Alex can’t understand why, at 27, everyone they know is getting married! When they receive a “save the date” card from her ex-boyfriend, Emily resolves to go to the wedding for closure. They miss their flight, and a madcap chain reaction of travel drama tests their friendship. Will they make it to the wedding? And while everyone else is getting their lives together, why are Emily and Alex falling apart?

Roadie Soadie Productions is proud to present the world premiere production of Save The Date as part of the 17th annual New York International Fringe Festival - FringeNYC. Written by Gregory Jacobs-Roseman and Directed by Nikki Rothenberg, with Musical Direction by Rich Silverstein, this earnest comedy deals with the questions that arise when a friendship forged in schooldays makes the transition to adult life. It also poses the questions that people who have reached the age when everyone begins to get married often ask before they themselves make the commitment.